The elf is the unnamed main character of Colordeath. As the narrator, she tells the story of how color was lost as a reflection on her actions in the past.

The Elf is played by Bethany Daniels and voiced by Staci Woodcock.




Gwyneth is a five year old elvish child. Bright and spirited she romps about the forest with her dog, until the day a tragic accident befalls her. Her fate is what triggers the Elf to attempt to acheive immortality.

Gwyneth is played by Grace Daniels, who is six years old.



The Dog is the faithful companion of Gwyneth. He follows her about everywhere she goes.

The Dog is played by Dozer, a one-year-old golden retriever.



Gwyneth’s Mother

Gwyneth’s mother is played by Betsy Clemons.



Ashley Pavlenko, Timothy Hoffman, Katrina

The Elvish Community

The elf is not the only one who participated in the Colordeath. There were others who looked on and approved, others who suffered. They are played by a handful of talented young men and women who are happy to come out and dress up for a day like characters out of a storybook.