Katie Lynn Daniels

Katie is a  homeschooled writer, harper, singer, director, actor and person who gets things done.  She has four years experience in youth and childrens theatre, writes novels and short stories in the science fiction and fantasy genres, and watches TV shows for educational purposes.  She lives in the beautiful hills of Kentucky with her parents and eight siblings

Jenni Noordhoek

Jenni is an aspiring filmmaker. Her main interest is in screenwriting, but she would like to work hands-on a film set.

Her preferred method of story consumption is in serial television format, but she also eats five short stories and one movie a week in addition to at least one novel a fortnight.

Joe Clemons
Director of Photography

Joe Clemons is a self taught filmmaker with over five years of experience. At the age of 14 he created his own film company, and has knowledge in almost every aspect of the business. He has had a hand in creating almost every genre, including fantasy, comedy, Sci-fi and documentary. He currently lives in TN and is always ready to work on films as Director, Director of Photography, or camera man.

Shaun MacAlpine
Consultant DP

Shaun MacAlpine is a professional videographer and motion graphics artist. She recently graduated from The Master’s College and is now focusing on establishing her personal production company, Adamant Motion Picture. She loves the art of visual storytelling and enjoys they myriad challenges presented by pre-production, production, and post-production.

Shaun lives in L.A. with her cat. In her free time, she reads fiction and works on scripts. She also loves practicing gymnastics, and going on long walks in the woods with her bow and arrows.


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