Our Mission

Independent filmmaking is a very difficult field to break into. Most people will agree that film school is a poor substitute for real world training, but it’s almost impossible to get that training without film school. Poor, college-aged film students don’t have money to travel around the world to attend film shoots pro bono, but professional filmmakers don’t want to hire poor, college-aged film students without any experience.  So the vicious cycle continues, and many give up their dream in favor of a more practical job.

We are not practical. We are dreamers. Our dream is to produce short films on a shoe-string budget that will show the world what we’re capable of doing, and learning. We hope to gather together other filmmakers to volunteer their time in exchange for a professional looking video to impress the next producer they apply to for a job. We want something tangible on our resumes, something besides film school credits or community theatre to show the world that we’re here, and we’re ready.

Colordeath is the first of these films, and it is important to us to succeed. Your sponsorship can make that happen. We believe that we can make high quality films on a minimal budget, using our creativity to cut corners and be inventive. However, with any project, there is no such thing as no budget, and elf ears are expensive. Find the donate button and buy your pair today!